Building a more mindful world

Meditation and mindfulness can greatly improve mental wellbeing and can have a transformative effect on all of us as individuals and on society as a whole.

Help us improve mental wellbeing by ensuring mindfulness and meditation resources are available to everyone, for free

Latest blog posts

Oct 01, 2021

Medito Update - October 1st 2021

Since we finished rolling out the new app design just over a month ago, we have been busy creating new mindfulness and meditation content! Meditations to help …

Sep 29, 2021

Three ways to incorporate mindfulness in daily life

Meditation is a slow and steady practice that can help us to cultivate peace, clarity, happiness, self-awareness and a state of mindfulness. By focusing solely …

Sep 19, 2021

10 well-paying, low-stress jobs & how to incorporate mindfulness into them

Given an option, we would all prefer to do jobs that make our soul happy and bank accounts heavy. But unfortunately, most jobs, even those that we love, end up …

Sep 12, 2021

Can mindfulness & meditation help with chronic pain?

Living with pain can be a struggle, and it goes without saying that acute or chronic pain can have an adverse impact on our lives. Recurring pain can make us …

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