Mindfulness: A path to mental health and wellbeing

Oct 09, 2020 — Dr William Van Gordon
Mindfulness: A path to mental health and wellbeing

From the Greek philosopher Plato to the Buddha to modern psychology forefathers William James and Wilhelm Wundt, the value of contemplation as a means of fostering wellbeing and wisdom has been known for a long time.

More recently, scientific research has demonstrated a range of benefits associated with contemplative principles such as mindfulness, meditation, compassion, and non-attachment. In addition to reducing stress and improving health and wellbeing, such techniques have been shown to improve work-effectiveness, life choices, decision-making skills, job satisfaction, and quality of life more generally.

Dr William Van Gordon is a world leading expert in the research and practice of contemplative approaches and his work has been described as “ground-breaking” by Grazia UK.

This session will draw on Dr Van Gordon’s latest research to offer training and practical guidance focussing on applying mindfulness and other contemplative principles in everyday life and work situations.

The session will comprise a short lecture, interview-based Q&A session, and guided mindfulness exercises.

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