Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness (or "Metta") meditation, involves directing warmth and positivity to ourselves and to others. This type of meditation cultivates a more compassionate and empathetic mindset, which has been shown to increase happiness, reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing, as well as enhancing our relationships with those around us.

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Self compassion

Being kind to ourselves when encountering pain and personal shortcomings, rather than hurting ourselves with self-criticism, can lead to greater life satisfaction, wisdom, happiness, optimism, personal responsibility, and emotional resilience.

Compassion for others

Practicing compassion involves allowing ourselves to be moved by suffering and helps us build the motivation to alleviate and prevent it. This session will help you cultivate a more compassionate state of mind.

Compassion for all

This session will help you cultivate a compassionate mindset for all people, starting with ourselves.

Loving kindness by UCLA

Loving-kindness meditation is the practice of cultivating benevolence and friendliness. The method generally consists of silent repetitions of phrases such as "may you be happy" or "may you be free from suffering", directed at a person who we can visualize internally.

This session is from UCLA - License: CC BY-NC-ND

Loving Kindness by Giovanni Dienstmann

Learn how to kindle and strengthen feelings of love towards yourself and towards other people, without depending on anything outside yourself. In advanced stages, this practice creates a feeling of joy and bliss.

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