Building a more mindful world

Meditation and mindfulness can greatly improve mental wellbeing and can have a transformative effect on all of us as individuals and on society as a whole.

Help us improve mental wellbeing by ensuring mindfulness and meditation resources are available to everyone, for free

Latest blog posts

Dec 27, 2020

How to set effective new year’s resolutions for 2021

New year’s resolutions are tricky because we put so much pressure on ourselves to do a hundred things. Usually the habits we pick are hard to maintain for an …

Dec 14, 2020

15 inspirational quotes to help you find peace in the present moment

Mindfulness is all about being fully aware in the present moment. We tend to live our lives ruminating on the past or thinking about the future. We’re …

Nov 30, 2020

The direct correlation between yoga and mindfulness

We have heard of yoga and we have heard of mindfulness . But have we ever wondered about how the two practises are interwoven with each other? Amid the surge …

Oct 18, 2020

The benefits of mindfulness in education

Mindfulness is the awareness achieved when you intentionally focus on the present moment in a non-judgmental way, observing your experience unfold moment by …

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