Building a more mindful world

We are Medito Foundation; we use technological and creative means to research and develop solutions to positively transform the way we all experience our lives.

We provide free meditation and mindfulness resources with no subscriptions, ads or in-app purchases.

We are a non-profit run 100% by volunteers. The work that we do wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Latest blog posts

Aug 02, 2020

How to bring mindfulness to your anti-racism work

Working against systemic racism was important before the Black Lives Matter movement and continues to be so now. And while everyone does their best to …

Jul 21, 2020

Diversity & inclusion brought front and center at Medito Foundation

At Medito Foundation, one of our commitments is that the resources that we produce will always be: 🤲 Made for everyone Negative states of mind can affect …

Jul 15, 2020

10 mindfulness exercises you can add to your daily routine

When developing a meditation practice it can be really beneficial to build moments of mindfulness into your daily routine. Mindfulness isn't just about sitting …

Jul 11, 2020

What a skeptical person learned from meditating for a month

Getting myself to actually try I have for a long time wanted to get into meditation. I had read about all the incredible benefits, listened to people …

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