Building a more mindful world

Meditation and mindfulness can greatly improve mental wellbeing and can have a transformative effect on all of us as individuals and on society as a whole.

Help us improve mental wellbeing by ensuring mindfulness and meditation resources are available to everyone, for free

Latest blog posts

Apr 11, 2021

Accepting that negative emotions exist

A couple of people have been in touch with us at Medito Foundation saying that they don’t think we should refer to any emotions as negative, because no emotion …

Apr 09, 2021

Three ways meditation can help us lead healthier lives

Meditation and mindfulness have become extremely popular in the West in the 21st Century. They have a plethora of neurological benefits including increase in …

Apr 04, 2021

Meditation & insights into the true nature of reality

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to gain a better understanding of the mind and the nature of human experience - the earliest record of …

Mar 29, 2021

Enlightenment is attainable to us all; here’s how

What is Enlightenment? The Buddha wasn't a God or a saint. He was a man called Siddhartha Gautama, who realized awakening, or enlightenment, through meditation …

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