Building a more mindful & compassionate world

Meditation and mindfulness can greatly improve mental wellbeing and can have a transformative effect on all of us as individuals and on society as a whole.

Help us improve mental wellbeing by ensuring mindfulness and meditation resources are available to everyone, for free.

Latest blog posts

Nov 03, 2023

Black History Month

The history of our world is a story of migration, diversity, empire and belonging. But these topics are not often taught in schools or even talked about in …

Oct 25, 2023

Our wonderful Medito community raised $25,000!

We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated after seeing our last message in the app. We received over $25,000, which has just blown us …

Oct 10, 2023

World Mental Health Day 2023: Cultivating a universal right to wellbeing

In the tapestry of the calendar, October unfolds as a month dedicated to the sanctuary of minds worldwide—World Mental Health Month. A cornerstone within this …

Sep 12, 2023

We had an amazing time at our second Medito Retreat of 2023!

Last weekend, our second retreat of 2023 took place (Sept 8th - 11th). We had a phenomenal time, and were blessed to meet 15 amazing people from around the …

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