Our Team

The Medito Foundation has a core team, composed of board members and key volunteers.

Steven Yorke

[Board member] I'm a Communications Manager based in Cardiff, UK. I've spent 10 years working in communications, including 5 years in the non-profit sector and most recently for a SaaS app company. For a long time, I've been interested in the philosophy of mind and consciousness, and what better way to explore this topic than looking inward with meditation? I've experienced some of the benefits that meditation can have so I'd encourage anyone to give it a go 🙏

Mike Speed

[Board member - Secretary & Treasurer] I’ve spent the last 10 years developing software for all sort of folks, public and private sector. I’ve got an interest in meditation, mindfulness, psychology, music, art and science. I like piano, movies and long walks on the beach. 🤙

Gareth Yorke

[Board member] I'm a Project Manager based in Bristol, UK and I've worked in Project Management for the last 10 years. I'm a keen advocate of mindfulness since being introduced to meditation on a trip to Thailand in 2010. I've maintained a daily practice for the last 5 years and recently attended a silent retreat. I've seen the benefits of meditation first hand, and I'm excited to spread the word with Medito ✌️

Michael Martin

When I first heard about the Medito project, I immediately knew that I wanted to help out. I've learned so much about meditation and its benefits through my practice over the last several years and now I want to help others. I believe that mindfulness makes us healthier, and that it's a treasure worth sharing with the world 🌎

Will Irace

Hi! I'm Will Irace, one of the narrators here at Medito, based in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. I love that developing a meditation practice doesn't take any fancy equipment, and I'm part of this project because I want mindfulness resources to be as freely available to all of us as our air and our water. 🌿

Romain Sourdiaux

[Board member - Chair] I’m a Product Designer currently working on a European Commission-funded project in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I became passionate about meditation and wellbeing while looking for something that could help me fight depression. Seeing the positive effects meditation had on me and others, I genuinely believe everyone should be able to learn and use this practice for free. 🌱

Chirag Patil

[Head of Partnerships] I am a Chemical Engineer and MBA graduate working in the incineration industry. Meditation has helped me a lot to handle stress and day-to-day challenges of running my business. I love to encourage everyone to try meditation. My dream is to live in a world where everyone is in control of their minds and emotions.

ⓘ The role of the board is to oversee the foundation and its work - The board does not receive any remuneration

How long are board members appointed for?

The board members, including the chair, secretary and treasurer are appointed for 4 years, renewable infinitely.

What about dismissal and resignation?

Board members are elected and can be dismissed by a majority vote. A board member can resign at any time by writing a letter to the board.

Do they receive a salary? What about paid employees?

As of June 2020, the board does not receive any remuneration, and the foundation does not have any paid employees.

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