Medito Update - February 2021

Feb 28, 2021 — Romain Sourdiaux
Medito Update - February 2021


Hello everyone!

Very happy to hear that you liked the update we shared last month. We think transparency is essential. As we are community-driven, the more we share, the healthier it is for the project and everyone.

This month is focused on giving you more insights into the project.

If you want to read about what's coming soon, you can jump to the end.

💬 An Open Way to Share Your Feedback & Ideas

Ideas and feedback are publicly accessible.

As part of our plan to make things more transparent, we have created a place to discuss and vote for ideas and share feedback.

This is the place for you to make suggestions or react to existing ones.

Use this space if you want to:

  • Share ideas for packs & sessions
  • Suggest design improvements
  • Share ideas for features
  • Ask us questions

Can't wait to hear your ideas!!!


👩‍💻 Open Source Code

The code for the app is open source.

We think it makes perfect sense. Not only because the project is built by the community but because we believe it's another way to be transparent.

If you are a developer and want to help with a nonprofit project, we would love your help!

Check out the code/repository on our new Github page:


Can't help on the tech side? No worries! Just click on the Github link above and then click on the ⭐️ star button.

🕊 Not For Profit

We are a registered nonprofit.

Last year we created Medito Foundation with the aim of making sure the app and future projects remain transparent and ethical. First and foremost, we want Medito to always be for your benefit, not shareholders!

  • We are registered in the Netherlands & UK
  • We are in the process of applying for charity status

❤️ Use Of Your Donations

What do we do with your donations?

We have been accepting donations for a few months now, and you might wonder what we do with the money.

We don't use your donations for personal expenses

It's a nonprofit, so the money is used for the foundation and project, not for us to buy mansions or profit from people's suffering (wink wink Andy from Headspace).

Using it intelligently

We have a few hundred dollars of monthly costs at the moment. This money is used to pay for services and products we need to run the foundation and app (i.e. emails, server etc.)

Constantly reducing our costs

We make sure we don't pay for services we don't need, and we try to find cheaper or free alternatives to make sure your money isn't spent unnecessarily. By doing that, we have saved more than $1000 over the past 5 months, which can instead be spent on expanding our reach and helping more people.

Reaching more people

In the upcoming weeks, we will start some advertising campaigns to make people aware of Medito as a free alternative to the hundred-million / billion (!!) dollar corporations like Headspace and Calm.

⏰ All In Our Free Time

Medito is done during our free time.

There are 6 people on the Foundation's board, and we work on Medito during our free time. We are helped by other volunteers, and they do the same.

We don't rely on investors to do this, and we use time outside work to build this project, and sometimes it can be challenging!

Of course, it would be ideal to work on Medito part-time or even full time, but it's going to take a long time to get to that stage.

✨ Coming Soon

  1. Updated app (nothing visual yet, just fixing things)
  2. New offline mode
  3. Low mood pack
  4. Better design for announcements

☀️ Coming Next

  • Student pack
  • Chronic pain pack
  • Advanced pack
  • Search functionality
  • Improved design
  • A meditation reminder
  • Recommendations about what to listen to next

That's it for this update!

Don't forget to share your ideas and feedback here, and if you spot a bug, you can report it here.

Speak soon!

Thanks for supporting Medito ❤️

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