Beginner Meditation Course

Beginner Meditation Course

If you've had little or no meditation experience, these guided meditations will help you start a regular practice. Each session is about 10 minutes. Together, they will teach you the basics of mindfulness meditation.

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1. Your first session

This is the first session in the Beginner pack, which will give you an introduction to mindfulness meditation, and will help you to start a regular practice.

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of developing your awareness of the present moment. By consciously noticing our thoughts, feelings and experiences, moment by moment, we can change the way we see ourselves and the world.

3. Vipassana

Mindfulness meditation has its roots in the ancient Buddhist tradition of Vipassana, which can be translated roughly as "clear seeing". It uses techniques to develop awareness and clarity in the present moment.

4. Non-judgment

This session introduces the concept of non-judgment - observing thoughts and feelings as they arise, without judging them. The aim isn't to push thoughts away, or to clear your mind. It is to witness them clearly, without becoming too attached to them.

5. Mindful Living

You can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, not just into your meditation routine. The key is to become fully aware of your experiences in the present moment. Feel bodily sensations, notice the sounds around you, and observe thoughts and feelings as they come and go.

6. Science of meditation

In this session, we'll consider the science behind meditation. Meditation has been shown to increase brain matter in the hippocampus, improve memory, increase density in the pre-frontal cortex, improve problem solving and regulation of emotions, and shrink the amygdala, reducing anxiety and stress.

7. The present moment

Mindfulness is all about grounding ourselves in the present moment. We tend to live our lives ruminating on the past or planning for the future. When we become aware of our thoughts in the present moment, we can learn to let them go, instead of getting endlessly caught up in them.

8. Negative emotions

Mindfulness can help us to manage difficult emotions more effectively. By learning to become aware of thoughts and feelings as they arise, we can transform our relationship with negative emotions, allowing us to process them in a healthier way.

9. Sounds

In this session, instead of using the breath as the point of focus, we will use sounds. Pay close attention to every detail of sounds as they arise. If you get distracted by thinking, just notice the thought and return to a careful, open awareness of the sounds around you.

10. Conclusion

This is the final session in the Medito beginner series. Whether you've completed these sessions in 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month, the important thing is that you're learning a practice that you'll be able to benefit from for a lifetime.

For more session lengths, different voice options, unguided meditation timers and to keep track of your progress, you can download the Medito app on the App Store or Google Play. It will be free forever.

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