Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

This pack is designed to help you manage stress and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation can help us deal with these negative emotions by transforming the way we actually experience them, diminishing their power over us. In this pack we'll introduce the 'labelling' technique, which is a useful tool to help us become more mindful of our thoughts and feelings.

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Meditation for stress & anxiety

Through mindfulness meditation, we can learn to recognize the symptoms of stress and anxiety as they arise and not get carried away them. With practice, this will allow us to cultivate a healthier, happier state of mind.

Managing anxiety

Meditation can help us to develop a healthier relationship with anxiety by learning to observe the symptoms as they arise. Just as you would observe the breath during meditation, try to observe the anxious feelings without judgment.

Managing stress

Meditation can have the immediate benefit of helping you relax by calming the initial stress response, but it can also have a long-lasting effect, reducing the impact of stress over time.

Labelling thoughts & feelings

Labelling is a useful tool to help manage stress and anxiety. As thoughts arise, observe them briefly, apply a label, and then return to following the breath.

Finding peace in the present moment

This meditation is about letting go of thoughts about the past or apprehension of the future and focusing only on the present moment, which can lead to a real sense of peace.

Recognising unhelpful thoughts

With practice, we can choose which thoughts are worthy of our attention and which aren't. You can practice this during meditation by labelling thoughts as helpful or unhelpful. Briefly observe the thought and label it before letting it go.

Dealing with stressful situations

This session will help you to prepare for stressful situations in your day-to-day life by practicing the labelling technique. This technique helps us to improve our reactivity to difficult emotions.

Labelling physical sensations

By developing greater body awareness, we can start to witness bodily sensations as they appear with less judgement, reducing the impact and the longevity of anxious feelings.

Understanding anxiety

This session will help you to notice anxious feelings as they appear. By practicing the labelling technique, we can condition ourselves to to witness them with less judgment, before they take hold.

Negative emotions

By developing a clear awareness of our thoughts and feelings in the present moment, we can transform our experience of anxiety and stress. To help you develop this awareness, we'll use the labelling technique in this session.

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