Jun 21, 2020 — Dr. Ananya Awasthi

8 steps for practicing holistic yoga

Understanding of Yoga in popular culture is often limited to the practice of postures (or “asanas”), as an addition to work-out regimes. But there's a lot more …

Jun 06, 2020 — Steven Yorke

Being mindful about the transition to the post-COVID ‘new normal’

Around the world, restrictions related to COVID-19 are slowly being eased. For some of us, the lifting of restrictions seems too hasty. There’s the worry that …

May 18, 2020 — Dr. Ananya Awasthi

5 steps to practice mindful living during the corona lockdown

The Coronavirus outbreak has been one of the biggest public health emergencies of our lifetimes. The world has nearly come to a standstill; dealing with the …